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Welcome to the Lard Network. Our mission is to provide you with the best online resource to extreme food, which we affectionately nicknamed LARD. Look for additional feasts to be added here.

Have a Good Bloat!

Lobster Eating Contest

Tasty News from Atlanta
What culinary delights await you. For true connaiseurs only.
Other Food/Eating Links
Mold Cam: Interesting things found in the fridge. Warning: very graphic images and videos - enter at your own discretion.
Beautiful pictures from around the world
Accidents do happen 'nuf said
Looking for a job? Try looking HERE and HERE. These are real job postings, really, I'm not making this up.
Are you a headhunter? I have some great information about me for you: just click HERE!
Pictures taken at Silicon Graphics during a typical work day. Click HERE and go on a multimedia journey through a virtual work day at SGI.
NEWS: Hot off the press
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The LARD Network is one of the first websites on the Internet. It has been continuously online since 1994, before WIFI, before Google, before smartphones, maybe before you were born. Other sites come and go (, hotbot, webvan, altavista, kozmo, excite,, napster, compusa, geocities, infospace, and many more...), but you can depend on the LARD Network to be around for your great grandchildren to enjoy.

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