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Pictures from my Mountain Bike accident Aug 3 1996

[picture]Bruise 1.
[picture]Bruise 2.
[picture]Bruise 3.

Paul F., rollerblading accident 1997

[picture]Note resemblance to red spot of Jupiter?

DD, snowboarding accident 1999

[picture]Fell a bit too hard on Xmas day 1999, here is the resultant bruised knee.

The Leg From Hell.....

From Sat Feb 12 19:46:36 2000

Hello to all !!!

Check out my friend's leg.. This was diagnosed officially as the "Flesh Eating Bacteria" which is medically known as Staph A or B....Whatever you call it,, LOOK OUT IT CAN BE LETHAL !!! Fortunately my friend survived, however, it took almost a year !!!! Although we are not sure where he contracted the dreaded disease, it is rumored that he was eating moldy deep fried cream cheese chili peppers !!! Yikes Look Out...

It would be an honor to have this leg photo posted to your accident page.....



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