Other food / eating links

The 8 Worst Convenience Foods :-( - Look for these at your favorite grocery store

Wierd and Disgusting Foods - The Encyclopedia of Disgusting Food

DEAD Hotdog Origami - A hit at your next cocktail party

IFOCE - International Federation of Competitive Eating - Olympic Class Gluttony

Snackmaster 2000 - Reviews of various asian snacks

DEAD Nick Tahou Hots - Featuring the GARBAGE PLATE

DEAD Project Taipei - Does this person do anything but eat?

DEAD The Whopper Challenge - Can you eat 10 whoppers in 8 hours?

DEAD Regrettable Food - History Lesson: disgusting food from the 50's and 60's.

Culinary Treasures - Delicious recipies, all dishes under 6000 calories

DEAD French Fries - Everything you've always wanted to know about this healthy delicacy. (Great section on Govt. regulations)

DEAD SPAM cam - watch assorted food decompose. Appetite inspiring.

DEAD Matt-the-Cop's Donut Review of the Month - Policeman's Best Friend.

DEAD Zhiyong's Bug-Eating Page - So full of protein, and they taste great too.

The TWINKIES project - scientific experiments performed on America's favorite dessert.

DEAD Team Mumu Pit Cooking Page - watch your step.

DEAD The Light Emitting Vegetable Diode - An incredible discovery, organic CPU chips can't be too far off.

DEAD The LARD marketing board - these guys are comitted (or they should be).

How to make your own LARD - dont try this at home kids

DEAD Lard Salad - even vegeterians can enjoy

Pop-Tart Blow-Torches - Does it have a millitary use?

Meatmation - Bringing annimation to new lows

Ramen Museum - I've died and gone to heaven.

Fun with Grapes - Reminds me of experiments with cats.

DEAD Junk Food Fantasy - How to tell your loved ones you care.

DEAD Bacon Worship - What you need to know about this important food group.

DEAD Non-chew - Want to eat, but you are too lazy to chew? Try some of these treats.

Cooking with Lard - Besides eating it straight out of the bucket, you can cook with it too.