A Traditional Quebecois Sensation


Take one bowl of french fries, the greasier the better. Add a couple of tablespoons of cheddar cheese curds. Then smother with canned Franco-American [tm] beef gravy.

Serving Suggestion

Its perfectly respectable to serve it alone as a meal, however most truck drivers would want a couple of dogs on the side, and maybe a can of coke to wash it down with.

Eating Suggestion

Each fry is to be held with a fork and lovingly caressed. Dip it in some sauce, hold it up, examine it closely, let the sauce drip off. Admire it for what it is.

Chew it slowly to enjoy the flavour. Mix it up a bit, perhaps a couple of fries, then a curd. Or have fun: have 2 or 3 curds in a row. Poutine is supposed to be a fun meal.

However, if its cold, then consume it quickly. Dont wait for the grease to congeal.


Order Up!

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