Packing Peanuts?

YES! Many people don't know this, but the new environmentally correct packing foam is edible. Its made of starch, the same matter that used to manufacture rice and potatoes. And its politically correct to eat it as opposed to filling up a dumpsite, which could be used for better things, like toxic wastes.

Where to get it

Most industrial complexes have a healthy supply of this on hand, so it wont be hard to find. Sometimes you can find it at shipping docks or in the receiving department. I've even seen it packed convieniently into cardboard boxes, sometimes with electronics and computer gear. The heavy stuff is placed in the box to keep it from blowing away. The gear can be removed and discarded leaving the peanuts in the box. It has been packed this way to facilitate the removal of the "weights".

Serving Suggestion

Its great by itself. Calorie conscious individuals may want to just consume it in place of heavier snacks like popcorn or potato chips. It is somewhat bland, however if you like rice cakes, you'll love these convienient bite-sized morsels. Sprinkle a little salt and pepper to taste.

It's also excellent as a breakfast cereal. But eat quickly after pouring milk over it, it tends to get soggy fast. Kellogs is working on a sugar coated version that will stay crunchy longer.

For a nice TV-Watching snack you might want to try this: home-made cheese doodles. Put several handfuls of packing peanuts in a plastic bag along with the powdered "sauce" from a Kraft macaroni and cheese mix and 2 tsp salt. Shake well. Mmmmmmmm!

If you're feeling a bit extravagant, you can serve it as a pasta dish. Its the perfect touch for special occasions like 10th Anniversary, inviting the boss over, etc...

Earthquake Tip: Keep some around for emergency use in case of earthquakes or other disasters. These will keep for a long time. Store in a dry place.


Do not attempt to eat the "pink" or "bright white" type of packing peanuts. You can identify the edible variety from the light beige color, and rough surface texture. Consuming the wrong kind WILL make you sick!


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