Hangen Restaurant

(aka. Jiffy Lube)


When one thinks of grease, one usually thinks of Denny's or KFC. But now theres a new player in town, and they mean business! Hangen restaurant, convieniently located on Castro Street in Mountain View, serves up some mighty fine lard.

Service, prices, atmosphere, and all that other crap nobody cares about are reasonable. Now lets have a sampling of their bulk:


I couldn't decide if this was food or drink. Those slippery morsels slide down as easily as swallowing live eel. 15000 calories / serving, not for the light of heart.

We put it to our standard "take out" test. Packed into a takeout container and a standard brown kraft bag, the bag became mostly transparent within 30 minutes. Within 2 hours, the bag disintegrated. This is pretty strong stuff. We haven't seen anything come close since the french fry grease-off we did several years ago.


See for yourself

Sea Bass

Fish has always been a favorite dish of ours, and Hangen's "Valdez Special" is among our favorite. Freshly caught and flown in from Alaska, the flavor features a unique blend of North Sea Crude and Athabascan Tar. Price of this dish varies with the commodity markets.


Eat Me!

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